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Lunar Eclipse later this month

OK, So, Last night was a nice little meteor shower that I forgot to tell people about.
I stayed up through about 3:30am this morning watching it.
Since I forgot to tell people, I figured I'd give a little heads-up for something later this month.

ok... not really.

But we will have a nice Lunar Eclipse!
I've put some of the information below behind a cut for those of you not interested.

Eclipse Diagram

Path of the Moon through Earth's umbral and penumbral shadows
during the Total Lunar Eclipse of Aug. 28, 2007.
(Pacific Daylight Time)

Eclipse Map

Map showing the global visibility of the Total Lunar Eclipse of August 28, 2007.
(Click here to see larger version of this map)

Key to Eclipse Visibility Map
P1 Penumbral eclipse begins (not visible to the eye)
U1 Partial eclipse begins
U2 Total eclipse begins
U3 Total eclipse ends
U4 Partial eclipse ends
P4 Penumbral eclipse ends (not visible to the eye)

Lunar Eclipses: 2007 - 2012
Date Eclipse Type Saros Umbral Magnitude Eclipse Duration Geographic Region of Eclipse Visibility
2007 Mar 03 Total 123 1.238 03h42m
Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia
2007 Aug 28 Total 128 1.481 03h33m
e Asia, Aus., Pacific, Americas
2008 Feb 21 Total 133 1.111 03h26m
c Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa
2008 Aug 16 Partial 138 0.813 03h09m S. America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
2009 Feb 09 Penumbral 143 -0.083 - e Europe, Asia, Aus., Pacific, w N.A.
2009 Jul 07 Penumbral 110 -0.909 - Aus., Pacific, Americas
2009 Aug 06 Penumbral 148 -0.661 - Americas, Europe, Africa, w Asia
2009 Dec 31 Partial 115 0.082 01h02m Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
2010 Jun 26 Partial 120 0.542 02h44m e Asia, Aus., Pacific, w Americas
2010 Dec 21 Total 125 1.262 03h29m
e Asia, Aus., Pacific, Americas, Europe
2011 Jun 15 Total 130 1.705 03h40m
S.America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
2011 Dec 10 Total 135 1.110 03h33m
Europe, e Africa, Asia, Aus., Pacific, N.A.
2012 Jun 04 Partial 140 0.376 02h08m Asia, Aus., Pacific, Americas
2012 Nov 28 Penumbral 145 -0.184 - Europe, e Africa, Asia, Aus., Pacific, N.A.
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